This is my first step into the digital age. Of course I am on Facebook, but that is about it. About time maybe as I am a part of the technological generation. But I have been making an afford to stay out of as many social platforms as possible. Until now. In the last two hours, I have quadrupled my social media platforms.

I am rather critical towards the digital arena as you may have noticed if you have discovered my Ed Atkins reference from his artistic film ‘Even Pricks‘ in the profile picture. If you did discover this and are wondering what I am then doing in this world, I will try to explain.

I am undertaking a unit called ALC203 at Deakin University in Melbourne. Here we are to explore digital media by interactively being a part of its mysterious world. Yes, I have independently chosen to undertake this unit. And yes, I am a bit afraid of what I have gotten myself into. But I think that my critical mindset can have a positive influence on this unit as well as I think the same critical mindset needs to be challenged by this unit.

Looking sceptically forward to research this area first hand!